Brooklyn Basement Demos

by The VeeVees



released February 21, 2012

The VeeVees are Garrett Cillo (Guitar/Vocals) and Andrea Belfiore (Drums).

Recorded by Dan Bricker
Mixed by Garrett Cillo
Songs Written by The VeeVees
Songs Performed by The VeeVees
Cover art by Khoi B Phan



all rights reserved


The VeeVees New York, New York

Came together from different corners of the world, The VeeVees transformed four eclectic individuals into one of rock's most visceral, charismatic up-and-comers. Sophia Urista on vocals, Andrea Belfiore with beats & Artur Novoselsky on bass. Garrett Cillo rounds out the quartet on guitar and vocals.
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Track Name: Snakes In Arabia

Take the crossfire to the heart
Because you missed your chance.
I can see for miles in the dark
'Cause this is my land.

This is my land, this is my land.

Them ugly people
They bring their bands.
They want their freedom
From your dead hands.

Track Name: Daisy Rose Josefina

In the heartbeat of a silhouette,
It's still black, no matter where it's at.
In the backseat of a gold buick,
Is where you lost one and where you bleed blood.
You break hearts, you break hearts like no one else.
I've seen it for myself.

Track Name: Vintage Til I Die

From here to hell is a lonely road.
'Cause my friend death never faired well in pairs. Should I leave not knowing where to go?
What's the worst that could happen with never knowing an end.

I'll see you some time when the mood's right.

Vintage Til I Die.

Never met the pearled gates, no.
But I gotta say, high fashion ain't a familiar thing. Where do gods rest when there's no show?
The same place the evil goes the evil goes, the evil goes.

Don't say I'm dead until I am.
Otherwise, I'll haunt your head.

Vintage Til I Die.